Bio. Phillip J Sherman

“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.”

Cecil Beaton- English photographer and fashion designer

I’ve always been interested in architecture and its beautiful structural and design aspects. As a child I’ve always tried to get the opportunity to look at a buildings’ floor plans, asking why things are like this and why things are done like that. My curiosity was outstanding. My interest grew rapidly in high school when I obtained the highest mark for the architectural section in one of my high school subjects, and furthermore being awarded the highest percentage for the subject: Civil Technology.

And now at the end of my 4th year university career obtained a prestigious award from the Department of Architecture :

Best Architectural Design Student of the Year 2013

+ other awards and smaller awards through my university career.

I regard myself as a workaholic, because I simply love to just work on any architectural subject and design. I decided from the first day of my university career to work on a design project of my own from my first year and apply knowledge into this personal project that I have gained from first to masters year, to simply show my grow, design decisions and abilities I’ve acquired.

I am a strong, logical, self-motivated and determined. I am eager to learn and challenge myself while contributing to a creative and energetic environment. I believe that my individual creative identity and eager mind to learn and challenge myself, contributes to any work environment. I work well in a team but can equally work well and accomplish a task by myself.

I am very proud of my achievements and I would put my experience and knowledge to work in any environment. I believe, given the chance, I could excel in any challenge. I am very willing to broaden my horizons and gain more knowledge and be the best I can be. Even though I say to myself “even if I tried my best its not good enough,try harder”.



I am very interested in technical areas, buildings, skyscrapers, machines, mechanics, ships, but mainly structural buildings of design and its landscape


In any fitness active way or just participation: Swimming, Soccer (football),  Kick Boxing, Athletics and any extreme sports.

Life Oriental:

Life itself is interesting and everything doing with social communications, events around you and the media. Nature, history and Greek/Egyptian morphology and the beauty of Phenomenology.

Favorite Architects:

Peter Zumthor

Steven Holl


One thing I will always know… hard work pays off…

There is nothing like success until you successfully succeed – Personal Motto